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Managing Credit Risk & Increased Loan Demand: A Playbook for Credit Unions and Banks


Date: Wednesday July 8, 2020 | Time: 2.00 PM Eastern

Kirk Kordeleski
Former CEO
Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Financial institutions are wrestling with economic conditions that present an unprecedented double-edged challenge:

  • As individuals and companies struggle to repay loans, credit losses will rise


  • As interest rates remain at historic lows, demand for new loans will increase.

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Here’s the problem:

Many Credit Unions and Community Banks lack the internal resources to manage increased credit risk, while taking advantage of the opportunity to grow their loan portfolio.

July 8th on Wednesday at 2:00 PM Eastern, for our webinar featuring Kirk Kordeleski.

Based on his experience as CEO of one of the nation’s largest Credit Unions during three prior economic crises, Kirk will share insights and practical advice on:

  • Anticipating near-term market conditions and opportunities
  • Evaluating and ensuring portfolio quality / regulatory scrutiny
  • Using analytics to assess and manage loan and portfolio risk
  • Growing loan capacity in a competitive environment
  • Addressing increased back office operational demands