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The payments landscape continues to push the boundaries, in terms of transaction volume and payment channels. Increased online purchasing has made effective dispute management a key business imperative. In turn, this has put additional strain on the people, processes, and systems that manage disputes.

QuintEssential Dispute Solutions is an integrated approach that combines technology with reliable back-office support for end-to-end dispute management:

  • Our workflow-enabled Aithent Dispute Manager (ADM), powered by our partner company, Aithent Inc., ensures delivery of fast, accurate, consistent, and recovery-driven results throughout the dispute’s lifecycle.
  • Our dispute resolution experts are prepared to support your bank, credit union and business from the moment an account holder submits a dispute until the final resolution.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • 24×7 service support
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Increased retention rate
  • Comprehensive dispute reports and follow-up
  • Scalable to address any volume demand
  • Secure environment for data security and privacy

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Why Quinte?

  • Improved productivity through a workflow-enabled solution that leads to better decisions
  • Lower operational costs through streamlined and simplified dispute processes
  • Total compliance with regulatory and network guidelines
  • Improved customer satisfaction through a seamless customer experience regardless of the payment type
  • Reduced losses and minimized financial risk through case prioritization technique
  • Identified patterns of disputes and complaints with visibility across corporate entities

End–to–End Dispute Solutions

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We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your current situation and requirements related to dispute settlement, and to answer any question you may have regarding our QuintEssential Dispute Solutions. Allow us to tailor a solution that addresses your financial institution’s specific needs. We’re ready to get started at your convenience.

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