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Our QuintEssentialSM Solutions

Incremental Operational Support Tailored to Your Needs

Quinte’s portfolio of QuintEssential Solutions provides banks and credit unions with a broad range of platform-agnostic applications that enable them to compete more effectively against larger financial institutions, and in an affordable manner.

Available on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis – including weekends and holidays – each one of our six QuintEssential Solutions combines our efficient, automated technologies with RPA-enabled back office expertise that’s based on market-tested, proprietary methodologies.

Our QuintEssential Solutions help small and mid-size financial institutions to address business continuity and customer experience requirements, either in normal conditions or during periods of peak demand.

The QuintEssential Solutions Portfolio

QuintEssential Fraud Solutions

  • Fraud analysis by highly experienced / trained professionals
  • 360° forensic review
  • Staff augmentation

QuintEssential AML Solutions

  • Covering the full range of compliance needs:

– Know Your Customer (KYC)

– Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

– Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

QuintEssential Dispute Solutions

  • New dispute creation (including voice support)
  • Strict adherence to dispute workflows
  • Enforcement of dispute closure via chargeback/denial/loss decision

QuintEssential Mortgage Solutions

  • Pre-funding quality check
  • Loan application processing
  • Underwriting support
  • Portfolio quality review

QuintEssential Loan Processing Solutions

  • Forensic loan review
  • End-to end loan processing
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Loan servicing

QuintEssential Contact Center Support

  • 24×7 call center support, including weekends & holidays
  • Financial institution agnostic, to suit all department needs
  • Adherence to service level agreements, including average handling / wait time, call abandonment rate, etc.

Our QuintEssential Solutions Features:

  • Predictive Trend Analysis
  • 360° Forensic Review
  • Real-time Rule Management via Trend Assessments
  • Dynamic Rule Management Support
  • Staff Augmentation for Financial Crime Investigation
  • Real-time Transaction Surveillance
  • Fraud Analysis by Highly Experienced / Trained Professionals

Our QuintEssential Solutions Benefits:

  • 24×7 Coverage – System augmentation layered with human intelligence for 24×7 coverage including weekends, holidays and post business hours
  • Flexible Staffing Model – Higher scalability to meet varied skill pool requirements
  • Forensic Review of Transactions – Advanced methodologies to manage false positives more effectively

Our QuintEssential Solutions Cover:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Check/RDC
  • Online Transfer
  • Mobile Payments
  • Wire Transfer

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