TranSecure is an innovative merchant solution driven by an open API. It is a proven product based on extensive risk management expertise that provides multi-channel coverage to enhance revenue, mitigate chargebacks, and maintain customer loyalty.

TranSecure Features

  • Multi layered dynamic rule engine
  • Tailored rules for each merchant
  • AI-enabled decision-matrix
  • Multi-channel coverage
  • Chargeback propensity rate (CPR) evaluation
  • Comprehensive 24*7*365 authentication of transactions
  • Staff & system augmentation
  • Trend analysis through data mining
  • False positive management
  • Chargeback reason code evaluation

TranSecure Benefits

  • Ease of deployment and use
  • Enhance revenue & bring down fraud chargeback
  • Protecting brand and manage reputational risk

Solution Value Proposition

  • AI & machine learning + experienced human intelligence
  • Real time, big data analytics
  • 100% anomaly detection through the aggregator model
  • Tailor-made synopsis enabling merchants to apply effective representment