VigilEye is an effective tool to screen all work-in-process applications and to raise necessary alerts. It is also a highly effective Know Your Customer (KYC) platform for accurate customer authentication. VigilEye has following features that make it a reliable screening solution:

Key Features:

  • VigilEye is an effective tool to screen all work-in-process applications, and to raise alerts on suspected applications based on defined rules & AI/ML models which leverages data from our KYC Partner APIs
  • Both data-driven and expert developed rules can be configured to address specific requirements
  • Flexibility that enables the user to add or modify rules. As an example, users may create new rules. or modify of threshold values in existing rules based on current market trends and information
  • An enabler to reduce fraud losses, while providing proactive analysis of the portfolios to identify /isolate problem areas and segments in the business
  • Analyses that can be further refined by various dimension, such as by region, sales team, promotion, etc. This enables Fraud Risk Managers to identify problematic/profitable segments and take appropriate steps

VigilEye Key Features

  • Real time Fraud Risk Portfolio Management tool to identify risk upfront
  • Portfolio Health and Profitability
  • Low Fraud Losses
  • Effective Decision Support – Strategy / Policy Formulation
  • Easy identification of high-risk segments through MIS & analysis
  • Automation with minimal impact to core processes
  • Efficient process monitoring, thereby reducing operating costs
  • Performance tracking of sales team / sales executive / marketing campaigns / new products
  • Built-in Alert Mechanism / Negative Matches
  • Exception Report Tracking
  • Fraud sampling strategy and Rule Based Queuing Logic
  • Outlier Management and Various MIS
  • Identification of syndicate frauds

VigilEye Key Benefits

  • Produces fraud alerts at application level
  • Tagging and tracking management
  • Ability to create and manage independent negative database
  • Helps in monitoring delinquency, fraud losses etc. by Salesforce
  • Built-in fraud sampling tool for acquisition & portfolio level
  • Can be applied both as a standalone & bolt-on capability
  • Produces linked alerts for negative matches
  • Black list sales force / locations basis past fraud trends
  • Access to account level detail
  • Ability to risk score applications and sales force
  • Easy to modify triggers / rules
  • Ability to integrate key risk indicators in the system

VigilEye Advantages

  • Audit Trails – Individual scanner checklist for all applications processed with historical database maintained
  • Detailed Reporting – Charting Tables Analysis is Customizable
  • Highly Flexible – Addition of new rules, modification of existing rules, and Activate/Deactivate rules can be made on the fly
  • Interactive GUI – Queue Manager and Supervisor View All decision parameters for manual review In depth case-assessment by fraud analysts
  • Scaling – Easily scalable API integration-ready
  • Data, AI/ML, Rules – Data augmentation using multiple sources, AI/ML models and rules, extensive set of checks, and rules to create flags for decision-making