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In this issue of Intellectual Capital – our interview series with financial services industry thought leaders – we feature Kirk Kordeleski, the former CEO of Bethpage Federal Credit Union, who recounts lessons learned and highlights of his long, successful career.

Kirk Kordeleski
Executive Benefit Consultant
OM Financial Group

Former CEO
Bethpage Federal Credit Union

“Successful credit unions are looking outside of their local markets and outsourcing to find talent; automating operations; and digitizing their data.”

Kirk Kordeleski claims his career success is based on “being in the right place at the right time.” Kirk’s evidence?: adding information technology as a dual major, well ahead of the technology boom; and being the only one of three job candidates willing to relocate to Long Island to Bethpage. But those who know Kirk, understand that being lucky played a very small part in his long credit union career. Creativity, determination in the face of adversity, and a passion for credit unions, are just a few of the ingredients that made him an industry legend.

In his interview, Kirk Kordeleski explains:

  • How credit unions have succeeded and failed over the past 25 years
  • Why the current economic outlook benefits credit unions and banks
  • The 3 changes credit unions (and banks) need to make to succeed
  • How Bethpage’s assets grew from $950 million to $12 billion without acquisitions
  • His connection with the movie “Remember the Titans” featuring Denzel Washington

To learn more about Kirk Kordeleski and his hands-on insights as a credit union leader, click here to read our entire interview.
click here to read our entire interview.

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